We’ve all seen those bulk bins, where you can scoop out various nuts and spices and other items. Place them on a scale, and then you can buy exactly as much as you need. Surprisingly, doing this rather than just buying a can of whatever you need is better for the wallet and the earth.

Bulk bins offer control, flexibility, and choice when it comes to buying food. For example, let’s say you hate oregano, but the recipe you are making for your friend requires a tablespoon. Instead of buying one large bottle of a spice you know you won’t use, go to the bulk bin and simply buy a tablespoon.

The inverse is also true, and if you need a large amount of something, such as bulk cashews. Rather than relying on the package to say how much you are getting, you can get it yourself. In addition, since you are getting the exact amount you need, then none of the food will be wasted.

In contrast to packaged food which could either over or under deliver in terms of food, or the food could spoil before you have the chance to use it.  Finally, you have total control over how much is being used, and if you need 2 pounds of figs or a teaspoon of curry, then that’s all you pay for.

bulk cashews

No more guesswork over how many packages to buy also means no more wasted packages ending up in the trash and landfills. Buying from bulk bins also ensures that the Earth is healthier, fewer trips to the market are needed, and your body remains free of any harmful dyes or chemicals.

With all those benefits, it’s time to browse those bulk bins and see what you can find, and your body, wallet, and the Earth will thank you for it!