At the time this article was published, mall property owners were experiencing challenges to do with decreased tenancies owing to the high rental property prices they were obliged to charge. The circumstances surrounding the challenges are not new and had been growing for some time. One challenging issue that mall proprietors have had to face up to is the increased use of the World Wide Web for shopping purposes.

Consumers no longer needed to visit mall stores when the prices of the same goods were so much cheaper for them if they purchased them online. But with the introduction of new concepts such as mall kiosks, mall owners and their collaborators are slowly but surely beginning to reap the benefits of their mall and store revival. In spite of the convenience and ability to shop at random from something as small as a mobile device or smart phone, consumers have still had that inner desire to spend time out at their local mall.

They wish to do so for both aesthetic and esthetic reasons. Apart from mall kiosks, another quick-mart convenience concept known as the pop-up store was introduced. In many cases, these stores are specializing in the very tools and technologies that would be in full use if you were to be utilizing the web on a regular basis. But there is still a desire to physically view and touch tangible goods before purchasing them.

mall kiosks

It is part of the shopping experience. Mall kiosks also act as good drawcards in satiating consumers’ desires to experience a bit more of the entertainment and get out of doors factor. It is also paving the way towards more enlightening cultural experiences, in which case they can now experience new cuisines apart from the traditional, for example.